Kern Brantley is a bassist and key bassist who has been on tour with major artists since the early 90's. Kern has been playing with Lady Gaga, Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, Young Jeezy, Destiny's Child, and many others, as bassist/key bassist, or musical director.

Valdez Brantley is a piano and keyboard player who has been on tour since the early 90's. Valdez has been Usher's long time music director, but has also worked with Young Jeezy, Ne-Yo, Mary J Blige, the late Aaliyah, and many more.

Lavi Hendin is a drummer whose passion of multimedia led him to making websites for artists of all kinds. His work includes websites for Kern, Valdez, Keith McCray, Errick Lewis and others.

Material we will cover:

  • Marketing
  • Touring
  • Gear
  • Endorsements
  • Promotions
  • Business/Accounting
  • Auditions